Botcrypto Monthly Report #19 – August 2020

Small updates, even in the middle of summer, and especially a renewal of the team for the next few months. Welcome to the Botcrypto Monthly Report of August 2020!


Development never stops at Botcrypto, even during the summer vacations. We have launched a new page that displays market prices with the TradingView widget. It can be accessed here. In order to be able to take a look at the markets and think about your strategies and bots, it was necessary to start a bot in real time (even a simulation), which was not very practical.

About the project and the team

Botcrypto will celebrate its 3rd birthday in a few weeks. We are very happy with the result which is regularly highlighted by our users, but we still want to accelerate the development. From a personal point of view, Constantin and I still had a job next to Botcrypto these last months. This is now a thing of the past, as since the end of August, we have left our respective jobs to devote ourselves full-time to the development of Botcrypto!

We also recruited a web development intern, Quentin, who joined the team for a minimum of 2 months. To top it all off, we are in the final stages of finalizing the recruitment of a freelance developer who will also join the team for a minimum of 2 months.

Updates will come faster and faster, and we can’t wait to see what you think! For September, we are already planning to put all these new features online :

  • launch of trading contests
  • added labels for categories its strategies and bots
  • laucnh of a secret side project 🕵🏽

With all these reinforcements, now is the time to tell us what you would like to see on Botcrypto. So here’s to your comments and see you soon for the next Botcrypto Monthly Report!

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