[Tutorial] Improve your freqtrade strategy with machine learning

Introduction In the previous article, we’ve made our first personalized strategy on freqtrade. Now it’s time to see if the strategy is profitable and if it’s possible to improve it through hyperopt and machine learning. Prerequisite Basic knowledge in Python. A good understanding of how freqtrade works (see documentation). Backtest Before starting to optimize our […]

How to create your API keys on Coinbase Pro?

In this tutorial, we’ll see how to create API keys on Coinbase Pro to connect your Coinbase account to third-party services. These may be bitcoin trading bots like Botcrypto, but also tools related to taxation or viewing your assets. What’s an API? An API is a programming interface that allows you to “plug in” to […]

Everything you need to know about backtests

When you discover trading bots, you immediately want to know what the results will be. Even if it is not possible to guarantee results, we can still use tools to try to predict the behavior of a strategy. In this article, we will present backtests, one of the most well-known tools! What is a backtest […]

[Tutorial] Your first trading bot with Zenbot

Introduction Zenbot is a free and open source bitcoin and crypto trading bot. It is used in command line and relies on Node.js and MongoDB. It is a serious competitor of Freqtrade that we have already mentioned. It is used on the command line and is therefore rather reserved for confirmed users. To create trading […]

[Tutorial] Create your own trading bot strategy with Freqtrade

Introduction In our last article, we saw how to create our first trading bot with Freqtrade, but his results were not satisfactory. We will now discover how to build our own customized strategy. Prerequisite A full installation of Freqtrade, see our article. Basics of technical analysis. Basics in the python computer language. Creation of a […]

Comparison of the best free and open source crypto trading bots

In this article, I will compare different open source crypto trading bots. Open source trading bots have several advantages. They are particularly reliable because anyone can check and correct their code. They also have many different features. They are very complete products that have nothing to envy to commercial solutions, even though they are available […]

The 5 types of trading bots

When we start to be interested in trading bots, we realize that there are many of them with their own characteristics. In this article we will introduce you to the different categories of trading bots. Open source trading bots Open source trading bots are free software that you can install and configure for free. They […]

With Dollar-Cost Averaging, invest serenely in bitcoin and cryptos

Have you heard of bitcoin? Do you want to invest in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency? Then Dollar-Cost Averaging is surely THE method you need to discover now. What is Dollar-Cost Averaging? This simple strategy consists of investing the same amount of money at regular intervals in order to reduce the risks associated with volatility. It […]

[Tutorial] Your first trading bot with Freqtrade

Introduction Freqtrade is a free and open source crypto trading software. With Freqtrade, you can create fully customizable trading bots, make backtests, etc… The software is developed in python and is compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux. Tutorial’s goal : install Freqtrade and perform a backtest with a basic strategy This tutorial is intended both for […]

What is a trading bot? How does it work?

Trading bots are the object of many fantasies, but what is a trading bot really? For the first article in our guide about trading bots, we believe it is essential to define them, to put an end to all speculation (no pun intended). What is a trading bot? A trading bot is software that trades, […]