What is a trading bot? How does it work?

Trading bots are the object of many fantasies, but what is a trading bot really? For the first article in our guide about trading bots, we believe it is essential to define them, to put an end to all speculation (no pun intended). What is a trading bot? A trading bot is software that trades, […]

Trading Contest #1 results

Trading Contest #1 results

After almost 2 weeks of trading, Trading Contest #1 is over. It’s time to reveal the winners… Let’s see the results! The winners Congratulations to bob’ who takes first place in the ranking! He managed to make his 2 BTCs grow in 2.149 BTCs in 2 weeks, which corresponds to a 7% gain. As we […]

Botcrypto Monthly Report #20 – September 2020

New features and Unikname’s integration, Trading Contest #1, we explain everything about this month of September full of new features! Trading Contest #1 We launched the communication of the Trading Contest #1 at the end of September, and to date almost 50 participants have responded. The objective of this contest is simple: to make 2 […]

Keltner channels screenshot on Botcrypto

Keltner channels (KC)

Keltner channels (KC) indicator, or Keltner bands, consists of an upper envelope above a halfway line and a lower envelope below the halfway line. Price moves in relation to these bands give many indications in the manner of Bollinger bands. You can use this indicator in your crypto trading bots on Botcrypto. How to interpret […]

Presentation of Trading Contest #1 by Botcrypto

Trading Contest #1 🏆 (bitcoins and cryptocurrencies)

Compete against the best traders in the bitcoins and cryptocurrencies Trading Contest #1 on Botcrypto! 200 USDT for the winners. We are very happy to organize trading contests again after the success of the Trading Challenge that took place in… October 2018. 720 strategies and 856 bots had been created [FR]! Feedbacks were very positive […]

Botcrypto Monthly Report #19 – August 2020

Small updates, even in the middle of summer, and especially a renewal of the team for the next few months. Welcome to the Botcrypto Monthly Report of August 2020! Development Development never stops at Botcrypto, even during the summer vacations. We have launched a new page that displays market prices with the TradingView widget. It […]

Botcrypto Monthly Report #18 – July 2020

Hi! I’m very happy to publish the first Botcrypto Monthly Report in English. New referral program, trading contests coming soon, summer is hot at Botcrypto! Development We are very pleased to launch our referral program that allows you to combine business with pleasure by inviting your friends to Botcrypto. How does it work? By sharing […]

[Freelance] Develop Python trading bots with Botcrypto

At Botcrypto, we simplify and improve the daily life of crypto traders by developing a platform that makes it easy to create trading bots. Our users don’t need any technical knowledge thanks to our 100% visual drag’n’drop interface, and can thus save time and optimize their trading. Feel free to visit https://botcrypto.io to discover the […]

Launch of our referral program

We are very pleased to introduce today our referral program. And for the occasion, we are organizing a contest with 50€ of Bitcoin at the end! Invite your friends to Botcrypto and earn money every time they subscribe! How does it work ? We work day after day to build the best platform for creating […]