Botcrypto Monthly Report #20 – September 2020

New features and Unikname’s integration, Trading Contest #1, we explain everything about this month of September full of new features!


The arrival of Emil and Quentin gave a very pleasant boost to the development of Botcrypto. Here is a short round of updates.

The arrival of labels

To help you better organise your strategies, we have introduced strategies and bots labels. You can create labels, assign them, and thus easily find your strategies and bots according to your criteria. Some sort by market, such as bitcoin and altcoins, others by trend, bull or bear, in short, you determine your criteria! They are also available in a reduced form on the strategy store where everyone can share and import their strategies. If you want to know more about labels, everything is explained in the dedicated article on the Helpdesk.

Labels are the best tool to organize your strategies!

The revival of the strategy store

Let’s talk about the strategy store! We developed it almost two years ago, and it has hardly been updated since then. That’s why we decided to start a major project on the strategy store to make it more pleasant and more intuitive. Our aim is to strengthen the exchange and sharing of knowledge. In addition to the labels seen previously, we have put back in place the rating and commentary system and added the sorting of strategies by rating, by use and by label. Eventually, we will provide new information, such as backtest results, to help you better choose your strategies.

Did Satoshi let a comment ? 😉

The feature suggestion page

We have always wanted to make Botcrypto more open to our users, more community oriented. This is why we have added a feature suggestion page where each user can vote for the next indicator, the next exchange, or even the next features. Let’s vote!

Still a bit empty, the new features page is just waiting for you!

And many other new features

Other new features include :

  • Keltner channels, a technical indicator based on moving averages
  • the ability to create backtests directly from a strategy card
  • a lot of fixes in the bots management page

We have also added a new help center accessible from all Botcrypto pages. It allows you to redirect directly to the Helpdesk or the blog to find the most adequate information. We have other projects planned to help you create the most efficient bitcoins and cryptos trading bots. But I won’t tell you more for the moment…

Botcrypto x Unikname

Alternative connections such as Facebook or Google Connect are very successful, and for good reasons. Unfortunately, who says Facebook or Google, says “big appetite for your personal data”. At Botcrypto, your personal data is just as important to us as our personal data. So when we had the opportunity to integrate Unikname Connect, the French decentralized 1-click authentication solution which ensures that your personal information remains private, we didn’t hesitate for a second!

The operation is simple! From the dedicated application installed on your smartphone, you manage your unique identifier, your @unikname, which allows you to connect. How does it work? When you want to connect to Botcrypto, click on “Connect with Unikname”, you will then receive a notification about your application, enter your PIN code to confirm the authentication and that’s it, you are connected! No need to juggle between dozens of identifiers, nor to use a password manager. The advantage is that your @unikname is stored in a dedicated blockchain,, and its operation guarantees the confidentiality of your data. You are in control of your digital identity.

You can log in now with your @unikname on Botcrypto!

In use, logging in with your @unikname is simple, fast and secure. Several team members have tried it and are now convinced! So what are you waiting for to create your own and use it on Botcrypto?

Trading Contest #1

We launched the communication of the Trading Contest #1 at the end of September, and to date almost 50 participants have responded. The objective of this contest is simple: to make 2 BTCs grow for 2 weeks. Everything takes place on a virtual wallet. There is therefore no risk, except that of winning the 200 USDT at stake! Moreover, registration is still possible… Don’t hesitate to try your luck, since everything is possible with trading bots!

Presentation of Trading Contest #1 by Botcrypto
Virtual trading, and real gain, is there anything better?

That’s it for this Monthly Report, one of the richest ever written! The next one should be on the same level, so follow us on our blog and our social networks (Discord, Facebook and Twitter)!

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