Botcrypto Monthly Report #20 – September 2020

New features and Unikname’s integration, Trading Contest #1, we explain everything about this month of September full of new features!


The arrival of Emil and Quentin gave a very pleasant boost to the development of Botcrypto. Here is a short round of updates.

The arrival of labels

To help you better organise your strategies, we have introduced strategies and bots labels. You can create labels, assign them, and thus easily find your strategies and bots according to your criteria. Some sort by market, such as bitcoin and altcoins, others by trend, bull or bear, in short, you determine your criteria! They are also available in a reduced form on the strategy store where everyone can share and import their strategies. If you want to know more about labels, everything is explained in the dedicated article on the Helpdesk.

Labels are the best tool to organize your strategies!

The revival of the strategy store

Let’s talk about the strategy store! We developed it almost two years ago, and it has hardly been updated since then. That’s why we decided to start a major project on the strategy store to make it more pleasant and more intuitive. Our aim is to strengthen the exchange and sharing of knowledge. In addition to the labels seen previously, we have put back in place the rating and commentary system and added the sorting of strategies by rating, by use and by label. Eventually, we will provide new information, such as backtest results, to help you better choose your strategies.

Did Satoshi let a comment ? 😉

The feature suggestion page

We have always wanted to make Botcrypto more open to our users, more community oriented. This is why we have added a feature suggestion page where each user can vote for the next indicator, the next exchange, or even the next features. Let’s vote!

Still a bit empty, the new features page is just waiting for you!

And many other new features

Other new features include :

  • Keltner channels, a technical indicator based on moving averages
  • the ability to create backtests directly from a strategy card
  • a lot of fixes in the bots management page

We have also added a new help center accessible from all Botcrypto pages. It allows you to redirect directly to the Helpdesk or the blog to find the most adequate information. We have other projects planned to help you create the most efficient bitcoins and cryptos trading bots. But I won’t tell you more for the moment…

Botcrypto x Unikname

Alternative connections such as Facebook or Google Connect are very successful, and for good reasons. Unfortunately, who says Facebook or Google, says “big appetite for your personal data”. At Botcrypto, your personal data is just as important to us as our personal data. So when we had the opportunity to integrate Unikname Connect, the French decentralized 1-click authentication solution which ensures that your personal information remains private, we didn’t hesitate for a second!

The operation is simple! From the dedicated application installed on your smartphone, you manage your unique identifier, your @unikname, which allows you to connect. How does it work? When you want to connect to Botcrypto, click on “Connect with Unikname”, you will then receive a notification about your application, enter your PIN code to confirm the authentication and that’s it, you are connected! No need to juggle between dozens of identifiers, nor to use a password manager. The advantage is that your @unikname is stored in a dedicated blockchain,, and its operation guarantees the confidentiality of your data. You are in control of your digital identity.

You can log in now with your @unikname on Botcrypto!

In use, logging in with your @unikname is simple, fast and secure. Several team members have tried it and are now convinced! So what are you waiting for to create your own and use it on Botcrypto?

Trading Contest #1

We launched the communication of the Trading Contest #1 at the end of September, and to date almost 50 participants have responded. The objective of this contest is simple: to make 2 BTCs grow for 2 weeks. Everything takes place on a virtual wallet. There is therefore no risk, except that of winning the 200 USDT at stake! Moreover, registration is still possible… Don’t hesitate to try your luck, since everything is possible with trading bots!

Presentation of Trading Contest #1 by Botcrypto
Virtual trading, and real gain, is there anything better?

That’s it for this Monthly Report, one of the richest ever written! The next one should be on the same level, so follow us on our blog and our social networks (Discord, Facebook and Twitter)!

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Keltner channels (KC)

Keltner channels (KC) indicator, or Keltner bands, consists of an upper envelope above a halfway line and a lower envelope below the halfway line. Price moves in relation to these bands give many indications in the manner of Bollinger bands. You can use this indicator in your crypto trading bots on Botcrypto.

How to interpret Keltner bands?

The main occurrences to look for when using Keltner channels are breaks above the upper envelope or below the lower envelope.

A break above the top envelope means that the market is overbought. Conversely, a breakthrough below the lower envelope means that the market is oversold.

Where there is no trend, breaks can generally lead to corrections such that the price moves back towards the median line.

During an uptrend, a breakthrough above the upper envelope can be seen as a sign of strength and the uptrend is likely to continue.

Conversely, during a downtrend, a breakthrough under the lower envelope can be seen as a sign of strength and the downward trend is likely to continue.

It is best to use Keltner channels with additional technical analysis tools. In addition, historical analysis is useful to determine the best parameters when setting up the indicator. Indeed, depending on the markets, the multiplier can be different to adjust the width of the bands or envelopes.

How to calculate Keltner channels ?

  • Halfway line : exponential moving average of close prices
  • Up ligne : halfway line + X * ATR
  • Down line : halfway line – X * ATR

X = Multiplier parameter
ATR = exponential moving average of True Range

References :
Keltner channels on TradingView
Keltner channels on Investopedia

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Trading Contest #1 🏆 (bitcoins and cryptocurrencies)

Compete against the best traders in the bitcoins and cryptocurrencies Trading Contest #1 on Botcrypto! 200 USDT for the winners.

Presentation of Trading Contest #1 by Botcrypto

We are very happy to organize trading contests again after the success of the Trading Challenge that took place in… October 2018. 720 strategies and 856 bots had been created [FR]! Feedbacks were very positive and many members were inventive in their trading.


The objective of this trading contest is simple: you have two weeks to make the biggest profit from two virtual portfolios of 1 bitcoin (1 BTC) each. There are one virtual portfolio for Kraken, and one for Binance. You can use one or more trading bots, and even manual orders.

  • All cryptocurrencies pairs available on Botcrypto are allowed.
  • All cryptocurrencies exchanges available on Botcrypto are allowed.
  • All strategies are allowed.
  • Trading bots are allowed.
  • Manual orders are allowed.

The start date has been postponed by 3 days!

Start date : 28/09/2020 01/10/2020 12:00 CET
End date : 12/10/2020 15/10/2020 12:00 CET

Additional rules can be found on our Helpdesk. Botcrypto reserves the right to change the rules and exclude participants at any time.


To reward the best traders, we are offering 200 USDT which will be distributed among the winners.

  • 1st place 100 USDT (= ~85€)
  • 2nd place 60 USDT (= ~50€)
  • 3rd place 40 USDT (= ~35€)

Do you think you’re up to it? Then take advantage of the next few days to practice creating trading bots with Botcrypto, and enter the competition now!

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Botcrypto Monthly Report #19 – August 2020

Small updates, even in the middle of summer, and especially a renewal of the team for the next few months. Welcome to the Botcrypto Monthly Report of August 2020!


Development never stops at Botcrypto, even during the summer vacations. We have launched a new page that displays market prices with the TradingView widget. It can be accessed here. In order to be able to take a look at the markets and think about your strategies and bots, it was necessary to start a bot in real time (even a simulation), which was not very practical.

About the project and the team

Botcrypto will celebrate its 3rd birthday in a few weeks. We are very happy with the result which is regularly highlighted by our users, but we still want to accelerate the development. From a personal point of view, Constantin and I still had a job next to Botcrypto these last months. This is now a thing of the past, as since the end of August, we have left our respective jobs to devote ourselves full-time to the development of Botcrypto!

We also recruited a web development intern, Quentin, who joined the team for a minimum of 2 months. To top it all off, we are in the final stages of finalizing the recruitment of a freelance developer who will also join the team for a minimum of 2 months.

Updates will come faster and faster, and we can’t wait to see what you think! For September, we are already planning to put all these new features online :

  • launch of trading contests
  • added labels for categories its strategies and bots
  • laucnh of a secret side project 🕵🏽

With all these reinforcements, now is the time to tell us what you would like to see on Botcrypto. So here’s to your comments and see you soon for the next Botcrypto Monthly Report!

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Botcrypto Monthly Report #18 – July 2020

Hi! I’m very happy to publish the first Botcrypto Monthly Report in English. New referral program, trading contests coming soon, summer is hot at Botcrypto!


We are very pleased to launch our referral program that allows you to combine business with pleasure by inviting your friends to Botcrypto. How does it work? By sharing your referral link, you can earn money every time one of your godsons subscribes. We’re holding a referral contest with €50 worth of Bitcoin! Interested? Everything is in the link below. Finally, in the next few days, we’ll be making some visuals available to make it easier for you.

Launch of our referral program

The 2nd big breakthrough of the month is the trading contests coming up! We think trading contests are a great way to discover trading bots. Everyone will be able to participate with a virtual portfolio, and therefore without any risk. It’s a great opportunity to put your most ambitious strategy ideas into practice, and put them into the arena with other traders. The contests are currently in the internal testing phase, and there are several of us on the team fighting for first place 🏆. We hope to organize the 1st public contest during the month of August. And to make you wait, here is a 1st screenshot of the interface.

An exclusive screenshot about the future contest page. Description, ranking, everything is here !

Other news

Among other news, we have published an assignment offer for a freelance Python developer. We are considering many applications, but we are always open to new profiles. If you are interested, or if you know someone who is interested, please feel free to forward the offer in the article below.

[Freelance] Develop Python trading bots with Botcrypto

Between all these novelties and the charts that have come back to life in the last few weeks (especially in the decentralized finance), the sun is shining for trading bots… So, what are you waiting for to create your crypto trading bot on Botcrypto? 😉

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[Freelance] Develop Python trading bots with Botcrypto

At Botcrypto, we simplify and improve the daily life of crypto traders by developing a platform that makes it easy to create trading bots. Our users don’t need any technical knowledge thanks to our 100% visual drag’n’drop interface, and can thus save time and optimize their trading. Feel free to visit to discover the platform!

We are looking for a Python freelance. Do you have experience in Python development? Are you interested in trading and cryptocurrencies? Discover our offer now and join Botcrypto! If you have any question, please contact us by mail at or say hello on Discord.

Duration : 2 to 4 months
Start date : september 2020
Location : remote work

Link to the complete offer on :

Would you like to apply? Please fill in this short form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. :

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Launch of our referral program

We are very pleased to introduce today our referral program. And for the occasion, we are organizing a contest with 50€ of Bitcoin at the end!

Invite your friends to Botcrypto and earn money every time they subscribe!

How does it work ?

We work day after day to build the best platform for creating and customizing trading bots. Since the first version, the functionalities have multiplied, many technical indicators have been added, the interface has been redesigned, … We think that Botcrypto has reached a certain maturity and our goal is to improve the distribution of Botcrypto. That’s why we have designed this referral program. Of course, we will continue to improve your trading experience!

But then, how does it work? To invite your friends, all you have to do is to share your referral link that you can find in your account settings under the heading Referral. Each person who registers thanks to your referral link will automatically become your godson. Each time one of your godson subscribes, you will receive 10% of the subscription amount.

Your referral link, your total and your godsons are displayed in your account.

All the details can be found in the dedicated article on our help center. Older people will remember that a referral program was already in place in 2018 for the beginnings of Botcrypto. It was not very interesting and has since been deactivated because it was not what we wanted. But don’t worry, all your former godsons are already integrated into the new referral program.

And the contest ?

To celebrate this launch, we are organizing a referral contest. The principle is simple, the first person who invites 5 godsons from today on Tuesday, July 21st at 18h00 (Paris time), will win 50€ in Bitcoin. To be valid, these 5 godsons must take a paid subscription.

It is forbidden to invite the same person several times, several members of the same family (on the basis of the family name), and of course to invite oneself. The team reserves the right to verify the existence of godsons and to refuse any fraudulent participation.

So, are you ready ? Let’s go !

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How to create your API keys on Binance?

A little reminder about APIs

An API is an interface to access a service: we can make the analogy of the remote control and the television. The remote control is an interface that allows you to interact with the television without touching the wires.

In our case, the API allows access to a trading platform and thus to create cryptocurrency trading bots such as bitcoin or ethereum. The advantage is that you don’t have to give your password but just the API keys that you will learn how to create in this tutorial. If you want to know more about it, see our article How to create your API keys on Kraken? where we explain the APIs in more detail.

How to create your API keys on Binance?

You must first create a Binance account. If you haven’t already done so, you can use our referral link to sign up. Thank you !

The tutorial takes several safety steps but remains simple to implement. After creating your Binance account, go to the API management page. You can also access it by clicking on your account icon in the top right corner and then on API Management.

1. Give a name to your new API keys that will allow you to remember what they are used for, for example API_Botcrypto. Then click Create. If you have already added API keys to your Binance account, you can see them just below.

Create and display your API keys on Binance

2. On the window that appears, you must click on Get code to have Binance send you a code by email (if you don’t click on this button, you won’t receive any email…). If you have enabled two-factor authentication, you will also need to enter the code for your application.

Security processes to create API keys

3. There you go! Your API keys are created. All you have to do now is enter the API key and the secret key on Botcrypto’s API page to start using our trading bots! Be sure to do this right away or save it in a safe place since the secret key will never be displayed again, and you will have to repeat the whole process.

Finally, you can manage the rights you grant to these API keys. Only the Enable Trading right present by default is needed on Botcrypto but we will review them for you:

  • Read Only : gives the possibility to read market information.
  • Enable Trading : gives the possibility to open buy or sell orders on your account.
  • Enable Withdrawals : provides the ability to withdraw funds from your account. NEVER give this right if you are not 100% sure you need it and to have 100% confidence in the third party service that will use these API keys. We don’t need to have access to this right at Botcrypto, so we advise you to leave it disabled.

List of rights required on Binance

That’s all for today. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in comment and see you soon on Botcrypto 🙂 !

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How to create your API keys on Kraken?

What is an API?

An API, for Application Programming Interface, is an interface to access a service: an analogy can be made between a remote control and a television. The remote control is an interface that allows you to interact with the television without touching the wires.

In our case, the API allows you to access a trading platform and perform various actions. The API saves you from having to provide your password and allows you to limit what the API user can do. Thus it is possible to allow the API user to perform only certain actions on your account such as placing buy or sell orders but without withdrawing your funds. It’s a door that you open with certain permissions, the API keys being the key to access this door.

How to create your API keys on Kraken?

You must first create a Kraken account. If you haven’t already done so, you can use our referral link to sign up. Thank you !

Go to and log in, then click on the menu at the top right, then Settings and then API. You arrive in front of your list of API keys.

Your list of API keys is empty at the moment, that’s normal!

Then, click on Generate New Key. In Key Description, put a suitable name to remind you that this is the one you are using to create your trading bots on Botcrypto.

It is then necessary to allow the consultation of funds, the consultation of open and closed orders and transactions, the opening and closing of buy and sell orders, as well as the modification of buy orders and their cancellation. Do not give the right to deposit and withdraw your funds!

List of permissions needed to create trading bots on Botcrypto

It is also possible to put an expiration date on API keys (we advise you to put one in case you don’t use it anymore and forget it, it will end up expiring automatically).

To finish click on Generate Key to generate your API keys. The public key and the private key that will be displayed need to be copied on the wallet page.

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